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INTRONAUT - Jamestown, NY [Nov. 6th, 2006|10:35 am]
Tuesday Oct 31st
Jamestown, New York
Reg Lenna Studio Theater

One way streets are such a hindrance and Jamestown has a lot of them. It rained most of the way from Michigan to Jamestown. Dark clouds hung high over us all the way to our final destination. This gig was held at a community arts center down town. Of course an all ages show. When we arrived the promoter was present with others there to help set up the gig. Some of them dressed up in Halloween costumes. It made me kind of regret not bring my costume out from home. They had a table of food for us. A whole spread. Pasta and salad. It was great!The seemed to be only about 50 kids there, but what do you want on Halloween on a Tuesday? 3 bands warmed up the stage. We played and I thought it sounded good. We're really becoming a solid unit more and more each night. After we played we met up with our friend Mike to go drink at this bar up the street. They had 75 cent drafts if you can believe it. No joke! Who is going to turn that down?! When we arrived the bar was packed with people dressed up in Halloween costumes.I played a couple of foosball games and drank beer. Some of the kids that were at the show came to the bar to hang out. Nice people. It was cool chillin with Mike. Nice guy who we met on the last tour. There are all these museums and shops dedicated to Lucielle Ball. I guess she grew up in Jamestown New York. Pretty interesting.
Off to the budget hotel we went. Ahh a day off tomorrow!
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Intronaut - Hamtramck, MI [Nov. 5th, 2006|07:31 am]
Monday Oct 30th
Hamtramck, MI
The Belmont

This was an interesting part of Michigan that I've never seen. This was the Polish district pretty reminiscent to LA actually. Kind of filthy! This bar was nice in size and was pretty long and narrow like the Smell in LA. The PA was legit at least. The promoter was cool, We played with a Hydra Head type hardcore band that was pretty rad. reminded me of Botch or Coalesce. They were called the Nain Rouge who we later stayed with.
This was probably the best turn out so far on this tour at that point. Kids really dug it I think.
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Intronaut - Milwaukee, WI [Nov. 5th, 2006|07:21 am]
Sunday Oct 29th
Milwaukee, WI
Points East End

It stopped snowing as we crossed Wyoming. A long drive this was and I slept almost the whole way!
I've never been to Milwaukee before and I'm not anticipating much! The only thing that comes to mind is the beer and of course the "Milwaukee Metal" fest.When we pulled into the city if was freezing!!! At least it had stopped snowing. The bar we played was a little bar on the corner of a desolate city which was supposedly a college town.
You could have fooled me.the connecting hallway took us to the other room where they hold shows. Also pretty small. About the capacity to hold 150 or more.We were greeted by this kid before the show who was flaunting around a Intronaut "Void" and wanted us all to sign. He explained that he was not 21 and got his band on the bill solely to see us play. I thought that was rad!We played with some grindcore band that was pretty cool, but a handful of people left after they played unfortunately. After them was Sleestack.A local doom project. Pretty cool as well. Just played forever! We played to just a few people and it was really late. Bullshit if you ask me!
How was the show? IT SUCKED! moving on.....
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Denver, Colorado [Nov. 2nd, 2006|07:38 am]
Thursday Oct 26th
Denver, Colorado
Lion's Lair

We played the infamous Lion's Lair. I have been told by many that this place is pretty cool. To me it just looked like a dive bar. This bar had the capacity to hold no more than 100 people.I found the bar to actually be pretty cool. I tried my best to stay inside to keep warm.It was still snowing. Sherwood and Steve were running the show. Sherwood promoted it and did a damn good job hooking us up with a killer vegetarian meal at their place and coming through on the guarantee. Steve ran the sound board when he wasn't at the bar. The sound was ok, it's always a bummer when I don't have a drum monitor.
The first band that went who's name I forgot obviously had a strong At the Gates/Mastodon influence. They weren't horrible. I thought that I might have to sit through another chugga chugga 4/4 break down band! The next band who's name I couldn't forget dude to it's ridiculousness was called "Stunt Cock" yes "STUNT COCK!" I wasn't sure what to make of it. Ok let me try........their existence is the result of Crowbar and Infest having a child and sending it to thrash camp!
The next band was called "He's A Moth" These guys were really nice and into our band. I thought they definitely had a lot of power. Heavy hardcore with blast beats. Pretty techy!

It took awhile for us to get set up due to the size of the stage. it was really cramped!
We had a few technical problems. Not being in tour mode definitely plays a factor not just having bad luck. For me it usually take a good 7 shows to feel like a bullet train ready to run everyone down each night/ Steve wasn't able to get a signal from the kick trigger and during Teledildonics the sample before that song was stuck on loop. I didn't even notice. Leon informed me just before a clean guitar part came up thankfully! hahah I'd say there was a total of 50 people there and people seemed to really dig our set. Some people were even circle pitting believe it or not! It was really strange to see being we're not a moshable band! After packing up all of gear we had some shots and beer. Thanks Kat! I don't know what it is this time, but I honestly don't feel very inclined to get drunk on this tour. There's just no a strong incentive for me to get drunk. It just gets old or I either lose something or do something stupid. Got to keep my head on my shoulders! haha

Friday Oct 27th
Denver, Colorado
Day off

After a good night's sleep and feeling quite rejuvenated we got some food and there after headed to the Cephalic Carnage compound. These guys really have something going! They own a huge industrial type building where they are utilizing several rooms. The printing room for screening all the shirts and merchandise, a rehearsal room and a soon to be recording studio that Relapse is funding. Their recording budget is being used to build the studio. Looks like it's going to be killer!
We hung out with Leonard and did some business. It's always great to see Leonard. I've toured with him a lot and he's just an honest and good spirited person. He always keeps me in a good mood. Funny asshole! John was in the next room giving a drum lesson to a guy that came to see us play last night. John was showing me his collection of cymbals given to him by AA Mienal. Which reminds me that I need to jump on the endorsement bandwagon. We went to Steve's after wards and later went to a few shows for free one being a metal show at the Blue Bird. This carbon copy 1986 style thrash metal band played. They were fucking tight! Total "Ride The Lightning!" They were called "Havoc" and had the cheesiest logo I've ever seen! After that we visited Sherwood at the theater that he manages. He got us in for free of course and also hooked us up with open bar! The band playing or headlining that night was some cheesy ass pseudo goth/rock band. Total Hot Topic core. You know....."Got Blood?" mall t-shirts! Some jerk was so wasted that he fell off of his own stool and spilled his own drink all over him. It was amazing to catch that in action! The guy couldn't even stand!

A good two nights in Denver!
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Days off [Nov. 2nd, 2006|06:57 am]
Tuesday Oct 24th
Day off (Driving through Nevada)

We hit the road that evening driving as far as we could before exhaustion hit! I sat up most of the night reading Henry Rollin's book "Broken Summers" basically a collection of tour journals pertaining to the Rollin's Band and Black Flag. I never thought I'd like his writings, but I was honestly taken. I can really relate to all of this. The excursions and his opinions. His use of satire and sarcasm is overwhelming! There are just some cool points he makes in this book about pursuing your art and living up to your dreams with no compromise! I've been hooked on it and I'm almost done. Next is Nietzche's "Twilight Of The Idols" A much heavier read obviously.

We pulled over to a Flying J truck stop somewhere between Nevada and Utah. As the night progressed so did the harsh cold weather. It went to a mild chill to what felt like sitting in an ice chest! I should have for seen this weather, but figured with the body heat of all four of us in the van it would not be that bad. I ended up waking up at like 3:00 am freezing and bought a blanket at the Flying J. All I can do is anticipate this tour and our next performance.

Wednesday Oct 24th
Day off (Driving through Utah)

There's absolutely nothing out here and I hope we never stop driving. Traveling to your destination point is always liberating, but driving through the midwest feels so stagnant because the scenery never changes. It's like chasing a large painting! About an hour into driving it started to snow. Beautiful really. It's a nice a cool change from home. I've never really driven through snow before with the exception of coming home from Denver Colorado 2003 on a Uphill Battle tour.
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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2006|06:36 am]
Sunday, Oct 22nd
San Francisco, CA
The Pound

The gig was terribly early and the promoter instructed us to show up no later than 1:00 pm for a 6:00 pm show. Upon our arrival we were acquainted by a couple of bands that were stationed in the pounds now desolate parking enclosure. One of the bands being Burn In Silence who we will eventually meet up with on tour again.I played here with Uphill Battle once back in 2004. I forgot that this place is immersed in factories and junk. In this obscure location you would think no one would know about this place or even come here, but on the contrary. This venue was a very popular place and will cease to exist after tonight's gig.From what I gathered, businesses near the factory infested place were sick of the noise and trouble that came along with this club. They finally shut them down!
After waiting for hours of nothing but wasted time we went on after 3 other bands only to face a couple of technical difficulties up on stage.The sound guy just had some bad cables hence no kick trigger or samples. Of course he blamed us rendering it our problem. Finally he fixed it by simply exchanging the cables and we opened our set with "Monolithic Vulgarity" The set was tight as it could get. I thought it sounded great and so did everyone else. We played for probably 50 people. A large portion being our friends. Mostly Leon's buddies. We did pretty well on merch and almost sold out of all of our hoodies! After our performance I washed down a couple of vicodin with a beer and took a little nap. When I awake Animosity was playing and of course by that time the crowd had doubled in size. Local hero wins again!

We stayed with Matt & Mike again and it was a night filled with Metalocolypse, Robot Chicken, video games, beer and Myspace abuse! I was trying to coordinate meeting up with my little cousins who I have never met before. I was under the impression that they all lived in Carson City, but turns out they live in Las Vegas 9 hours away in the opposite direction. I'll see them Dec 30th when Phobia comes out to Vegas.

Monday Oct 23rd
Day off

In the morning Leon, Elder Lucay and I went for a nice walk to get bagels and tea. We headed up to Haight st. N California always feels so much different than S California. I'm not too familiar with San Francisco and have no real past here yet I feel so at home when I visit it. It's a feeling you can't really get in Los Angeles. Maybe it's the size of the city. A city where you can walk down the street and inevitably run into someone you know. I like that. Los Angeles is too large of a place for that. Later that day we all went down town and screwed around for a bit and since our van was towed that morning for blocking a driveway we walked instead. The parking ticket was $75 and an additional $180 for the tow. What a great way to start off the tour!

Tuesday Oct 24th
Day off

The next morning we ate out at a Thai food place and stopped by Guitar Center to pick up some equipment. Paul from Origin was working thankfully, so we got hooked up.
Also that morning we found out from the promoter that the gig was canceled for Reno,NV.
Why do people pull this shit at the last minute?
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PHOBIA - Mexico Trip [Oct. 3rd, 2006|01:35 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Bonobo - Days to Come]

This trip started off with a bad start. Steve missed the last exit in California before crossing the border. There really was no warning signs beforehand. It was just boom! there!
We were already running late. Steve and I ended up driving into TJ about a few miles in. We had to turn around and sit in traffic to get back in.
Finally we met up with Shane and Leon at the main parking lot and took a cab to the airport. When we arrived Shane realized that the promoter that set up this tour failed to list the airline we were taking. The flight number, date and time was all there with the exception of the airline! Luckily there was free internet service in the airport, so we contacted the promoter and he purchased a second set of tickets to send us out on another flight.
The flight from TJ to Guadalajara was about 4 hours! I slept through the whole ride there. We were greeted by our promoters Carlos and Gabriel and they took us to the club.

This club was pretty small and intimate. When we arrived kids were lined up outside club. I actually was shocked at the attendance. over 300 kids paid that night.
There was some guy selling killer bootleg metal and grind t-shirts! Great printing and designs! Leon was stoked on the bootleg Impaled logo shirt. It was pretty rad.
Leon and I at some point headed out in the city to grab a bite to eat at a 711 we saw on the ride over there. It was poring rain so hard that most of the streets were flooded so bad that we couldn't even cross the streets. The water was up to the fenders of cars. At some point we literally walked over someone's parked car to get over a huge puddle.
We never made it to 711. We actually just ended up eating at some shitty hot dog stand where Leon and I were called "whites" I ate some hot dog buns with salsa, cheese and onions in it, How Fucking appetizing!!! It was the only option at the point due to the storm that was laid upon us.

We played as well as we could buzzed on booze, which was ot bad at all. The equipment wasn't all too bad either. People went ape shit during our set! It was really cool.
Afterwards we we're attacked by fans who wanted pictures and autographs. This was pretty much expected when I played in Mexico City with Cinema Strange, but never did I think Phobia fans would react this way. It just seems to rockstarish for them. I think that people generally out here just simply appreciate bands that come over more than Americans and Europeans. We are spoiled and get to see ever band in existence practically! We met a lot of cool and nice people that night. After indulging in debauchery, we had to get on a bus and take it to Mexico City which was about 8 hours away from Guadalajara. We all had to sleep sitting up. I had no problem being that I was so exhausted anyways.
Steve told me the next morning that he threw up on the staircase where the bus doors were. He pleaded to bus driver to open the doors, but he didn't understand him, so Steve spewed everywhere! lol Now that's "punk"
In the morning we took cabs to Carlos's friends house. "The promoter" for the Mexico City show. We kicked back and napped for a bit. The promoter's family cooked up a killer Mexican dinner. Rice and beans, noodles and cheese, salad with lime dressing etc... The promoters went through great lengths to make killer poster fliers and banners for us.
I mean these banners were canvas w/ our photos on it with the logo above and tour info. Sweet shit! We headed out to the venue after a hard meal!

This venue was ridiculously enormous and I thought for sure it would look like we we're playing for 50 people due to the capacity of this room. The stage was immense with a drum riser. The house kit was a Yamaha Maple kit 6 piece, so I was stoked! There were several kids setting up merchandise to sell. All the goregrind and metal CD's in the world! That stuff is huge there. They don't screw around! One thing that wasn't cool AT ALL was that some kids were selling bootleg Phobia t-shirts right there next to our merch booth. Really nice shirts too. There must have been like 4 or 5 different designs that night. That killed our sales for sure! No one would do that back ata home. That was just very disrespectful. We met the Anarchus guys after sound check. We drank beers as the venue filled up. Over 500 kids filled most of the venue up. It was nuts! Anarchus was awesome! Total old school grind from the late 80's. I had no idea how long they had been around. The other bands I don't remember too well. Generic death metal from my recollection. When we hit the stage it was a fucking massacre!!!!!!!!!! A battle field of grinders pitting and stage diving! Steve got pulled into the crowd.
Some girl insisted that I trade hats with her. Mine was all worn out and sweaty, so I did it! She didn't give a shit apparently. I poured beer on people in the front row. It felt like a Metallica show in the 80's or something! I don't think I ever signed as many autographs as I did that night ever! Even with Cinema Strange! I just drank and tried to make people happy.After this show we headed out again on a bus to our next destination.......Saltillo! We had to take two different bus rides there for some reason. I don't remember why.
In the morning we got a hotel room down in the city. It was nice to actually shower! We watched movies, drank beer and even ordered a few pizzas before the show.

This was definitely the smallest show on the tour. It was still cool though. When we arrived to the venue we cracked oepn beers and watched some stupid Ozzfest DVD.
This killed time I guess. 5 bands played this time. When Anarchus hit the stage kids showcased their respect for the band. People again just went apeshit! They played a really long set this time. Also before their side project Cacofonia played. Straight up grind with Mexican wrestling masks!!! It was all th.e dudes from Anachus and Carlos got up there and sang with them too. The response for us here was cool. Broken bottles everywhere! After the show we signed autographs again and took photos.
Some guy who obviously was some sort of pimp was trying to get us to party with girls of his. He kept trying to encourage us to come with them, but we had other things to worry about like getting paid by this sketchy promoter. He was the only Promoter not to make a deposit. He held out for some reason.
I went to bed after some snacklers and got bit by spiders in my sleep.

The next morning we took a bus to the next destination.....Monterey which was literally an hour away. We settled in with the hotel situation and and visited a local mall.
It was like a huge warehouse with little kiosks everywhere. I can't count how many metal & punk records shops there were. Too many! Phobia posters everywhere!
We ate at a little place nearby and hit the venue afterwards.

This place was more like a huge warehouse. It was pretty cool, just sounded like shit. It reverberated a lot.
Shane taxed the kids that sold Phobia bootlegs this time because we were pretty much out of merch. We got no sound check because the sounds man disappeared randomly.
Again a bunch of bands played! I drank quite a bit this time. I just decided to let loose since it was the last show. The stage was really low so kids we're falling all over the stage and people we're standing on it surrounding us. There was probably about 400 kids or more here. Partyler after the show and debauchery once again!
Woke up tired and lost my shoes!

Thanks to everyone who took care of us and made this trip a blast!
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NINE INCH NAILS & BAUHAUS Last Night [Jul. 8th, 2006|09:20 pm]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Phobia - Cruel]

Last night Mary, Jason, Shannon and I went to the Irvine Verizon Amphitheater to See Nine Inch Nails and Peaches.

We arrived there I think just smack in the center of Peaches set. Mary was bummed out about that. It was still light out when they started. Peaches rocked the fuck out! She was jumping off stage and at one point came out and walked up to random people in the pit section. Their drummer was this butch looking chick who had two kick drums for no reason at all. She has all the Tommy Lee moves goin on. Twirling the sticks every second and throwing the stick over her head. Before their last song Peaches put on these boob pads with nipples and kind hung them out of her braw. From our perspective it looked like her boobs were popping out!!! Even though this is not my thing I though it was a rockin performance.

When Bauhaus hit the stage I was pretty excited and hoped that their performance would be better then the last time I saw them at the Ventura Theater earlier this year. I can honestly say they delivered! They played all the essentials. Double Dare, Dark Entries, Rose Garden Funeral of Sores, Stigmata Martyr, In the Flat Field, Silent Hedges etc... It was more of a rockin set. I was happy to hear Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores. They didn't even play that in 98 either when I saw them. Kevin Haskins and David J look exactly as they did back in the day. Peter Murphy had some pimp looking hat on when he first came out. He kept pulling rose pedals out of his half opened dress shirt and would sprinkle the stage with them at different periods of the set. It was really sleazy! He must of drank a Red Bull before going on stage because he was on fire! That man was jumping around, running around as he and Daniel Ash dueled with their egos. Daniel Ash had this sick white furry vest on. All I can say is Glam up!!! Daniel Ash rocked his saxophone once again. It was still pretty much light out when they were performing. and the amphitheater was just starting to fill up. They started to play the opening bass line to Bella Lugosi's Dead and to my surprise cut off!!! Come on...it's bad enough they were opening up for Nine Inch Nails. We're talking about 16000 capacity!

There was a pretty large gap of time before they went on. Probably to wait or the sun to set being that they had a lot of visual stuff going on.
When the show began they were playing behind what looked like a huge fence which covered the majority of the stage. The lighting behind them was dim, so they projected only silhouettes. After the first tune it was revealed what that fence was for. It was basically a huge screen with large pixels being distributed and many different ways. I don't know the technical name for this, but in a way it was like a huge TV set you could see right through it though! They had a couple of projects going on in the back as well of a lot of atmospheric stuff going on. Layers of imagery. My favorite was blood flow. it was blood being distributed through the veins and globs floating upwards. They of course played a handful of classics that I could remember. At this point I was pretty drunk! I was never really of fan of Nine Inch Nails. I like a few of there songs. I actually knocked out during their set for a second. I think like in and out for a few songs. I got tired of standing, sat down and slowly fell asleep! Don't get me wrong.....the show was amazing, I just couldn't hold my attention for a 2 hour set. HEAD LIKE A HOLE!
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2006|11:01 pm]
Tour Journal - Freiburg, Germany 6/4/06

We played a little Club called Cafe Atlantik. It literally was a little cafe with a bar in the back. This place could hold about 100 persons. When we arrived to the club I was a bit worried due to the fact that the back line was not yet there. The support band was there. An industrial band from France. They couldn't help us being that they had an electric drum kit and no guitar players. Just a vocalist and two guys manipulating laptops. I guess because of lack of communication we didn't know that we were taken care of because in this building which looked small had several floors and a basement where there was some bands rehearsal space. They had several sets of gear so we just used the best we could find. There was about 4 different drumsets down there. I wasn't too picky and just grabbed a Tama 5 piece.
We had a sound check and headed back to our hotal right around the corner. There was no hot water, so shaving was kind of a bitch. We didn't expect too many people to show up ata this show because the WGT Festival had ended recently. When we arrived to the club sure enough there wasn't much of an attendence. Exactly 45 people showed up, but they were such an awesome crowd that it didn't even matter! They rocked out to our set and showed a lot of enthusiasm. This is the only show where we did 2 encores. I got pretty drunk on stage and felt lose and limber. The sound was nearly perfect because the stage was so small. It turned out to be one of the funnest shows so far.
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TOUR JOURNAL PART 1 [Jun. 2nd, 2006|09:35 am]
Its been a damn good while since I last updated this crap. Ive just been writing in my Myspace blogs about tour, but figured I would combined what I have for the Live Journal world!

Tour Journal - Frankfurt, Germany 5/25/06
The weather is overcast and rainy. I was told there would be sunshine!

We first got situated at the singer of the band Cold's flat. He gave us a place to stay when we arrived in Frankfurt. He has a really nice two story house with a large studio in his basement. We even got to rehearse a bit.
We got some killer Thai food in the morning. It was amazing!!!
We then picked Patty with additional merchandise and headed to the club

Again we played the club Nachtleben located in the heart of the city.
This was the 3rd time that we have played this particular club. I like this club a lot other than the fact that the backstage is the size of a closet!
The place was pack solid with 250 people, but it took the audience a good while to loosen up. This is typical for the German crowd.
I think everyone was on drugs!
We played a pretty good set for the first show of the tour. Usually it takes a few shows to really warm up and get into that tour zone.
Some "Chicken Heads" tried to steal my drum sticks!!! Matt layed down the law and regulated those girls.
"Chicken Heads" - girls with goth hawks
Patty coined the term "Chicken Fever" lol good stuff!
After the how around 3:00 am we got some tastey fallafel down the street.
"mo please!"

We headed out to a local hostle, where Dan, Matt, Dolores and I drank in the staircase hall and harassed some random teensmaking noise. At some point Matt ended up walking in some random persons room, which turned out to be those kids I think and he even took pictures of them sleeping for some odd reason. I surprised he didn´t get his ass kicked by the manly man!

Tour Journal - Bochum, Germany 5/26/06

Weather is still rainy.

Bochum is located 3 hours from Frankfurt. We played club Zwischenfall, another familiar club. This was my second time playing here.There was about 200 people attending this gig. For those that don't know this is where they do the infamous "Pagan Love Songs"I can't remember the band that opened up for us. We usually don't even have time to watch the other bands. We were accomponied by Ralph & his new girlfriend. The promoters prepared another awesome spread and numerous alcoholic beverages. Our performance I thought was better than the previous night. After the gig we picked up more Fallafel at small joint down the street. So far we are all still abusing Back To the Future quotes in the typical perverse way. I don't think it will ever die.I almost had my gear accidentally taken away from me. My cymbal arm attachments were packed up away with the rented drum kit. It's such a pain in the ass to constantly have to retreive your gear immediately after the show in fear that it will be stolen or misplaced

Tour Journal - Waregem, Belgium 5/27/06

Belgium is such a cute little place with literally nothing to do!
We played a pretty large club called the T'Steeple. It had the capacity of about 500. The staircase to the back stage area was the steepest staircase I've ever seen. I'm just glad that I didn't get too hammered and fall. The sound engineers were really good and were easy to work with. Clear English as well. It was nice to be able to communicate. The rented drum set was a really nice Pearl birch kit. It sounded great! The thing is that I never know what I'm going to play on. It's a grand ol surprise! We played with
Eat Your Makeup and Scary Bitches! lol The French contingent greeted us at the door when we arrived at the club. Dedicated fans they are! There were 300 presale tickets! I was told by Patty that there were over a total of 400 paid entries. We hung out ata our hotel for awhile before making the run over to the venue. The hotel had a slick roof that you could run and slide on!
This crowd was a lot of fun I think. People were really into it and kindly displayed their appreciation for our performance. After the show was over we hung out backstage, ate some left over food and drank a little scotch.
Some fans greeted us upstairs and we took photos and what not.
After checking out all the tagging on the walls back stage we noticecd that someone had started a little game of placing someones name in a glam/metal band name. Here were some of the names:

Jeff Leopard

Jack Sabbath

Dwight Snake

Brian Maiden

Our additions!

Dwight Lion

Great Dwight

Jim Reaper

Juan Jovi

Dan Halen

Wyatt Riot

Hopefully someone will carry on this trend!

Tour Journal - Alphen ad Rijn, Holland 5/28/06

The weather was even more rainy than the last days in Germany!
There are several Moats, Lakes and little streams running the coast of small towns in this area. Totally something out of a fairytale.
Our hotel was located in this area. This was mostly countryside. All kinds of farm animals frequented the these parts. The hotel was also right next to a little quaint dinner.

The club we played was called Het Kasteel. When we arrived ata the club the whole sound staff was waiting and ready to get things moving. I forgot that people in Holland speak such great English. It is mandatory that they all take it in school. This made things so much easier! The sounds engineers were very helpful and polite. More than 150 people attended this. People must have been high at this show, but that might just be Holland or that just might be the Goth scene in general! lol I cant remember 2003! I was too drunk 24/7.

If my grammer or punctuation is off its because of these damn Euro-keyboards. Theyre different in every country!

Oh another funny thing.....The drumset I played on did not come with a drum throne, so I had to sit on a hard chair with a block of styrefoam as a cusion. This actually worked well, but at one point when I got up and sat back down I almost fell because it slid off!
After the gig The one of the owners of the club had be autograph the piece of styrefoam that I sat on. My butt prints were in it. He said that he wanted to hang up signed items in the hall way and this would be the first. Wow! my ass! lol

We then preceeded to hit the smaller room next door where they were playing music and had an open bar. We drank a little and hung out with people we knew and met nice people.

Living in Holland wouldnt be so bad!

Tour Journal - Erlangen, Germany 5/30/06

Rainy weather still follows us like a curse from hell! It was really cold and there was actual talk of snow. This never actually happened! =)
The club was called E Werk. This was my first time playing this club,
but Cinema Strange played here in 2001 I think. This Venue was a fairly large room, but the stage was tiny. The sounds guy was hilarious. He had a great sense of humor and got a kick out of the Omnichord. he siad "That thing is silly, I like that!" No more than 100 people showed up.

Doc and his sister came to the show as well as super industrial star P.A.L. I actually met him for the first time and had no idea he was a Cinema Strange fan! I got him to sign something for Mary and I. A really nice guy he is.

We didnt do much after the show being we had a 12 hour drive ahead of us on our day off. A drive to Rome! We ended up staying at a super comfortable hotel where Daniel, Matt, Mike and I drank beer and watched the show Animal Planet dubbed in German. It was amazing!!!

Tour Journal - Rome, Italy 6/1/06

On our day off yesterday we drove for quite sometime. I think about 6 hours maybe. From Erlangen and through part of Austria we then stopped somewhere in Northern Italy. We stayed at a nice hotel after consuming large quantities of Pizza and Beer!!!!!! We ate at a few really nice restaurants. We watched a soccer game...... Italy vs Switzerland!!!
We woke up at the hotel around noon and drove all day to Rome. We pretty much picked up where we left off. This took about 4-5 more hours. On this wonderful drive we drove through the Alps driving through tunnel after tunnel. We passed mass countryside and large vinyards! There were a few lakes we passed. I had no idea if any were significant. This took forever and as soon as we hit the city it was bumper to bumper traffic just like in LA. It was like that in 2003 too! Only I remember NY style driving!!!!

The club scheduled to play was called Circolo Degli Artisti.
When we arrived at the club we jumped quickly to do a sound check.
We then ate out at a fancy Italian restaurant. A gentleman named Pepper was out host for the evening. I had a killer Vegeterian Pizza w/ Peroni to drink.

Due to there being limited power at this venue, we couldnt use samples or triggers, so it was mainly a punk rock show. Just balls out rock and roll!
The sound was horrible on and off stage, but never the less we had a good time and the crowd did too. People we dancing and circle pitting. Wow I dont remember seeing this at a goth rock show before! ok I take that back Mexico had a lot of that!
Drunk Italians rule! There were about 300 kids there.

After the show we hung out with some people, drank a little and took photos then promptly left to go to the hotel where I now type this entry. Its almost 5:00 am and Im an ass! Mike was pretty drunk tonight. Too much Whiskey on stage. He was running around our hotel room and woke up an angry Italian wearing speedos! lol Goodnight!
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